Four Essential Oils to Let You Sleep

In the modern world, depression has become very common among the people. Depression can be caused by anything starting from not getting a job to abroken family. A common problem people face with depression is lack of sleep. Lack of sleep increases the severity of depression. In this essential oils for sleep might be really helpful. Essential oils if used separately do not become effective but if used with proper guideline can become the key to remove depression for life. Constant fatigue, lack of appetite, low self-esteem etc. are caused by lack of sleep. The following 4 types of essential oils are very popular because they can help a person with depression to sleep peacefully.


Bergamot improves the blood circulation of the body and helps to release hormones that make a person feel better. It can effectively give the user a feeling of joy, freshness,and energy. It is a natural resource to remove anxiety. Different researchers have shown that bergamot can reduce the anxiety of people and helps to remove depression. It helps to increase blood circulation and this allows the body to reduce blood pressure. This one solution solves a lot of problems. Pulse rates, body temperature, shoulder and head pain etc problems can easily be solved by bergamot. It effectively makes a person calm and relaxed. The depressed person can focus on the things they want.


Lavender has a long tradition of treating pain and anxiety. The substances of lavender oil were used as a painkiller in the past. Also lavender has a very good reaction from the body without any form of medicine reaction. Factory made drugs often create problems in the body. In fact, using lavender as a fragrant in the home can boost the mode of the patient. A lot of pregnant ladies has reported that they feel better with lavender smells while we all know that people have to go through in the times of pregnancy with lots of hormonal changes. Lavender oils can also be used as capsules and it does not contain any side effect till now.


Though the name YlangYlang is not very common, this essential oil can effectively reduce the negative emotions. The person in depression will feel better if the person does not have to think about the negative factors. Actually negative thoughts are the things that are causing depression. This oil is a mild yet effective solution for the people in depression. Although it has a mild sedative effect, it reduces stress and removes anxiety from the patient.

Roman Chamomile

Chamomile is a very important substance to treat any kind of treatment. This herb is commonly used as a fragrant or other aromatherapy product. This material can boost a person’s mentality and can help to release hormones that make a person feel better. With this benefit, this is one of the most popular anti-depression compliment in the world.

These are the four main oils used in depression and can help a person to sleep peacefully.